Bulonhill Resort

Bulonhill Resort


Information about Bulonhill Resort


We run our generator from 6 o’clock in the evening until early morning. The generator is located on the hill. You won’t hear the sound during the night. To recharge your electronic devices, simply plug them in at night-time. Sometimes we will run the generator also in the daytime in order to do the laundry. We advise always to have a flashlight reachable. When you walk around at night you need the torch anyways.


We use groundwater for the bungalows. This is no drinking water. Our well is in the garden and we have to pump water once a day for about one hour. It's useful to keep the bucket in the bathroom full of water to have a reserve in case we run out of water. Please don’t waste water.

Room Service

We have no daily room service. Please let us know if you need new towels or if we should clean your bungalow. We don’t go inside your bungalow without being asked to. The sarongs you find on the bed should be used as light blankets, they are not supposed to be taken to the beach. If you need warm fleece blankets, please ask at the counter.


We empty the rubbish buckets on your balcony daily. Since we take cans and plastic to a recycling place on the mainland, please put other rubbish in an extra bag which you can get from our staff.


We offer free Wifi to our guests. There is only internet access in our restaurant not in the bungalows.

Since more and more people not just use internet to check their mails, but download lots of videos and music, sometimes the data usage is over our limit.

If you want to make sure to have internet access at any place and time in Thailand, you can buy a Thai SIM card once you arrive at the airport or in any 7eleven shop. The most common brands are: True Move, DTAC or AIS.